Jay & Elise Lake Michigan

Introducing Elise and Jay. Our fondest memories have been facilitated through exploring the outdoors and finding adventure. When we moved to Evanston, IL – we were excited for the new endeavor, but we didn’t expect to be left speechless by the natural beauty of the area. Lake Michigan and its shoreline never ceases to amaze us.  Turns out, we are not alone. There are so many in the Midwest that love Lake Michigan 

The Lake Michigan community is special. For starters, it is a stunning place. The shoreline of Lake Michigan provides views that people will remember for a lifetime. The people around Lake Michigan are special too.  There is a drive and passion from the residents to make the community a better place.

When you are part of FRESH WATER LIFE, you are part of something bigger.  You represent a collective effort to make Lake Michigan better for future generations. For us, we do our part by keeping our planet beautiful and protecting the natural wonders we enjoy every day. 

While FRESH WATER LIFE focuses its resources on fighting climate change and pollution, we do it the right way – through respect, inclusion and always with a focus on giving back to others.

We are so thankful to have your support!