• What is a nurdle?

    What is a nurdle and why do we see so many during our Lake Michigan beach cleanups?
  • Organic Cotton 101

    North Shore Vibe discusses the amazing properties or organic cotton and why we should look for it when shopping.  WE NEED MORE ORGANIC COTTON IN THIS WORLD!
  • Great Books About the Great Lakes

    All things amazing have a history and a story to tell, the Great Lakes are no different.  These are a few of my favorite books (both adult and children) that help me appreciate the historic past and journey of the Great Lakes.
  • Lake Michigan Shipwrecks

    To say Lake Michigan is a large body of water is an understatement… it is HUGE!!  While many of us know the Lake for its blue waters and sandy beaches, the lake has a dark side.  Like an ocean, Lake Michigan is unpredictable, dangerous, and unforgiving.  It is estimated that the lake is home to ~1,500 shipwrecks (holy smokes, that is a lot).  Below are 4 of the more famous shipwrecks on Lake Michigan.  Do NOT underestimate the power of our beautiful lake.
  • North Shore Vibe Presents with Lily Aaron (E-town Sunrise)

    Lily Aaron is doing all she can to make Evanston a leader in the battle against climate change.  She has helped educate the mayor, city council, and school board leadership on the challenges future generations will face if action is not taken.  On top of it all, she is only 17 years old.  Lily is a strong advocate for our planet and we are lucky to have her in the North Shore Vibe family!
  • Are there sharks in Lake Michigan?

    In this blog post, we give you the facts about sharks and Lake Michigan.  We also prepare you for your next argument with your crazy uncle about the topic... GOOD LUCK!