• North Shore Vibe Presents with Lily Aaron (E-town Sunrise)

    Lily Aaron is doing all she can to make Evanston a leader in the battle against climate change.  She has helped educate the mayor, city council, and school board leadership on the challenges future generations will face if action is not taken.  On top of it all, she is only 17 years old.  Lily is a strong advocate for our planet and we are lucky to have her in the North Shore Vibe family!
  • Are there sharks in Lake Michigan?

    In this blog post, we give you the facts about sharks and Lake Michigan.  We also prepare you for your next argument with your crazy uncle about the topic... GOOD LUCK!
  • North Shore Vibe Explores Evanston's Unbelievably Beautiful Walking Trails

    Explore Evanston and the amazing outdoor activity opportunities!  Please leave comments about your other favorite Evanston adventures.  Enjoy exploring!