• What is a nurdle?

    What is a nurdle and why do we see so many during our Lake Michigan beach cleanups?
  • Lake Michigan Shipwrecks

    To say Lake Michigan is a large body of water is an understatement… it is HUGE!!  While many of us know the Lake for its blue waters and sandy beaches, the lake has a dark side.  Like an ocean, Lake Michigan is unpredictable, dangerous, and unforgiving.  It is estimated that the lake is home to ~1,500 shipwrecks (holy smokes, that is a lot).  Below are 4 of the more famous shipwrecks on Lake Michigan.  Do NOT underestimate the power of our beautiful lake.
  • 2021 Beach Cleanup Goal - Our commitment to protecting Lake Michigan

    North Shore Vibe has BIG beach cleanup goals for 2021. How big? For the year, we plan to remove 20,000 pieces of trash from our beloved Lake Michigan shoreline!