How can we be more eco-friendly this week?

Protect Lake Michigan


As you can see in the picture, North Shore Vibe is proud to be a PROTECTOR OF LAKE MICHIGAN, all of our new apparel has this on the tag.  When you see someone wearing North Shore Vibe apparel, that does not only represent their love for the lake, it also represents their passion to keep it beautiful and clean for generations to come.  But this week, why stop at Lake Michigan?  Let’s expand our horizon and explore some ways we can all be more eco-friendly this week.

Tips for being more eco-friendly this week:

  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • One plastic bottle can survive for a long time.  Many of these plastic bottles make their way into our great lakes (this is no good).  A single plastic bottle will eventually break down into ~10,000 pieces of microplastic.  If you have joined us for a beach cleanup you will know that microplastic is extremely difficult to cleanup!  One tip if you are purchasing a reusable water bottle this week… make sure to get a size that is easy to travel with.  Many plastic water bottles are purchased at the airport and on road trips. 

    Below are some recommendations for reusable water bottles:

  • Avoid using single use plastic straws
  • Plastic straws appear so innocent and harmless, don’t let them deceive you!  Plastic straws can take up to 200 years to decompose - which is bad news for animals and the rest of the environment.  Instead of using plastic straws, look to invest in a bamboo or metal straw for around the house - they are relatively inexpensive.

    Oh, and if you are feeling very bold.  Next time you are at a restaurant that provides a plastic straw, kindly encourage them to make the switch themselves.

    Below are some recommendations for metal & bamboo straws:

  • Buy eco-friendly clothes from brands you trust
  • This is our wheelhouse and we take it seriously!  Whether you are purchasing clothing from North Shore Vibe or another apparel brand, make sure you trust them.  Make sure they are backing up their claims.  Make sure they are focused on the triple bottom line (planet, people, and profit).  Apparel brands should be focused on limiting carbon emissions and water use in their manufacturing process in addition to making a positive change in the community.