Great Books About the Great Lakes

The Death and Life of the Great Lakes
The Death and Life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan

Dan “The Man” Egan knows how to write about the past in a compelling way that will keep you hooked.  The Great Lakes are facing a crisis caused by humans and Egan shares all the details of how it came to be.  I personally read this book about a year ago and I am due to go through it again.  The best way to start solving a problem is to know how it came to be, and this book explains just that.  

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The Living Great Lakes

The Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis

Author Jerry Dennis has spent his lifetime on the Great Lakes and in his book he covers it all.  He starts at the beginning and covers the history and science of the Great Lakes.  He also shares stories he collected from a six week trip across the Great Lakes on a tallmasted schooner.  I would love to sit down with Jerry and here some of the stories that did not make the book, I am sure there are many.

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Shipwrecks, Monsters, and Mysteries of the Great Lakes

Shipwrecks, Monsters, and Mysteries of the Great Lakes (kids book) by Ed Butts

I mean the title of this book sells itself and it was a recent purchase of mine on my kindle.  There might be a day in the near future where we are able to socialize with others at something like a cocktail or dinner party.  I promise you this, this book has stories that will make you the life of the party - especially if lake lovers are present.  There have been over 6,000 shipwrecks on the Great Lakes and this book provides great perspective on the power of our Great Lakes.

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The Legend of Sleeping Bear

The Legend of Sleepy Bear (kids book) by Kathy-Jo Wargin

Have you ever been to Northern Michigan and visited Sleeping Bear Dunes?  It is an unreal landscape with the kind of views that you will remember for a lifetime.  Anyway, there is a legend about how the Sleeping Bear Dunes were formed and that legend is told in this amazing children’s book.  This is a special one - if you need to get a gift for a young one that is enjoying reading, I would highly recommend

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