The North Shore Vibe is here and we are thrilled to be partnering with you to help discover all of the adventures in the area.  The North Shore is special for many reasons: it's proximity to the Windy City, the people, the lake, the shoreline, the dogs, and the many other natural wonders.
Two to three times a month, we want to share these adventures with you.  As you can tell by our website and online content, we LOVE AND CHERISH the outdoors.  Thankfully, many others in this community feel the same way.  As we find outdoor gems on the North Shore, we will be sure to get them to you as soon as possible.  Everything from the best beaches to hit with the family to the best forest preserves to explore with your pup.  
In addition to our posts, we want to discover with you!  As you find outdoor adventures on the North Shore, we would love to help you share your find with the community.  Feel free to reach out to us through the website, instagram, or shoot an email over to
Like you, we love where we live and the community that makes this place special.  Together, let's discover the adventures in our own backyard and do some good in the world.