2021 Beach Cleanup Goal - Our commitment to protecting Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Beach Cleanup

I don’t know about you, but I have had a little extra pep in my step these past couple of weeks. There are two reasons for that, my puppy is starting to sleep through the night (dog owners… this is big!) AND the weather has started to shift. 

These past couple of weeks we have seen the sun and felt temperatures over freezing. When these two things happen, the Chicago area comes alive. It is also not uncommon to see some ambitious and optimistic residents bust out the shorts (kudos to you, do your thing). This spring-like weather has us very excited for spring beach cleanups!  

Beach cleanup goal for 2021:  

Through North Shore Vibe beach cleanups - our goal is to remove 20,000 pieces of trash from our beloved Lake Michigan shoreline. Last year, we removed 6,000 pieces of trash with a late start. Many have already registered for our upcoming cleanups in March and April and we can’t wait to see the impact we can make as a community.  

To join in on protecting Lake Michigan, register for an upcoming beach cleanup here

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